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Tarot/Rune Readings 

at Public events and Psychic Fairs. 


Private readings are also available:



offering Spiritual Guidance 

From the Heart

I use the Tarot and the Runes as a tool for gaining access to the Spiritual guidance and lessons that envelope our daily existence. We are in a constant cycle of change; and based upon the decisions we make and paths we take our life experiences are born and lived through.  

My passion and purpose in these readings, and in teaching the Tarot as well as the Runes, is to work with you in assistance on your journey toward personal enlightenment. My offer to you is to present you an understanding toward exploration of your deepest state of hidden consciousness in the situations that present themselves to you. 


thirty-minute reading by phone or ZOOM


sixty-minute reading by phone or ZOOM


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INTRO TO TAROT is an expansive 3-hour workshop.

HOST a workshop in the intimate comfort of your own home, invite at least four friends, and your cost is FREE!  


$50 each participant to be paid in full/no refunds.

(my traveling distance is limited).

Use your own deck or borrow one of mine.


LEARN TO READ TAROT with a 2-week group study class.

These are extensive two-hour study classes that meet once a week for two weeks.

HOST these classes in the intimate comfort of your own home, invite at least four friends, and your cost is FREE!

Minimum of four paying guests at $100 each for the full two-week course, to be paid in advance/no refunds.

(my traveling distance is limited)



Learn to connect with the RUNES with a group study workshop.

This is an experientially full 3-hour workshop.

HOST these classes in the intimate comfort of your own home, invite at least four friends, and your cost is FREE!

Minimum of four paying guests at $50 each to be paid in advance/no refunds.

"The Mystic RUNES, A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness" is THE book  used in this highly informative and enlightening workshop. You may borrow a book for the class, or purchase one at the workshop from me at a discounted price.

FREE laminated Quick Reference Guide to all participants.

Bring your own Runes or borrow a set of mine. 

Also available for purchase is my Rune Card Deck; "The Mystic RUNES Beautifully Illustrated 25-Card Deck and Guidebook" created from the illustrations in my book. The Rune Card gift-boxed set with deck and guidebook can be yours at a reduced price at the workshop. 

Make sure to have a notebook and pen.

(my traveling distance is limited).


“Interpreting the Tarot”

Also available for learning to read the Tarot;

explore my audio instructional double CD set

“Interpreting the Tarot”

continue reading for information on this audio guidance for the Tarot.



FREE mailing

Learn to read the Tarot with this audio instructional CD set and booklet.

“Interpreting the Tarot” is a double disk audio instructional CD set with a listening time of 103 minutes.

This CD series is accompanied with a manual for easy reference containing the text of the complete double disk audio CDs. “Interpreting the Tarot” is easy to understand and specifically designed to help you interpret the Tarot Cards toward personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. This audio CD set will help you learn to read Tarot Cards for yourself and others. The secret to reading the Tarot is enveloped within the cards themselves. And the draw of each card opens the gateway in which to allow us access to a more enlightened state.

If you ever wanted to learn to read Tarot Cards and didn’t know where to begin this is it!

Tarot Cards are not included.


Copy, paste and go to the link below for ordering 

"The Mystic RUNES" 

book on Amazon:

or you can order from my personal inventory:

"The Mystic RUNES

A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness"

The RUNE Cards created from the illustrations in this book are now available as well! 

Instructions for ordering the book, as well as the cards with guidebook are on the "Home" page.

"The Mystic RUNES

Beautifully Illustrated 25-Card Deck and Guidebook" 



The Tarot, Runes and Oracle Cards are meant as a tool for inspiration and assistance along life's many pathways. I do not claim to know the past, present, or future. As you come to me seeking advice know that you have the answers within. I am here for you offering spiritual guidance from the heart in supporting you on your journey. Your choices are your personal responsibility. 

Energy work is never meant to replace medical instruction and is not to be used in place of Doctors’ orders. I do not claim to “heal” but I am always an open channel for healing to flow through me. I am simply an open channel to the Universal energy that we are all in touch with. I am not the healer but the vessel for which this energy is able to flow. 



I have an affinity for crystals, stones, the Tarot, and the Runes, and also have an interest in the Native American ways of working with nature through its symbols and signs. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and a certified Crystal Therapist. I love working with the energies of crystals and sound vibration in healing, and have been studying as a Spiritualist in healing, mediumship and Ministry for over 30 years. I am ordained as a Minister in Spiritualism as well as a Minister through the Universal Life Church.

Working with energy and healing, as a Reiki Master Teacher, I do not claim to heal, but am an open channel for the elusive energy of the Universe to flow through for the Highest and Best Good of each individual.

For the purpose of learning in multi faceted ways toward Spiritual awareness I enjoy facilitating Spiritual Development Classes, as well as workshops in using the Tarot and Runes toward enlightenment.

In my own personal search I have found all religious, spiritual practices, and belief systems to be of importance as we are each guided in search of a path that brings us to a place of oneness in the Universe in our connectedness with the I AM Presence of All That Is.

Among my many callings to serve I am founder, President and Minister of Cycles of Spirit, a Spiritual Church gathering that meets once a month on the first Monday evening of each month at 6:30.

Cycles of Spirit previously met in the Parish Hall of the Keene Unitarian Universalist Church in Keene, NH. We are now ZOOMing! 

Cycles of Spirit is not affiliated with the KUUC but is blessed and grateful to have rented space in this lovely building. We hope to be back in person soon! 

For the ZOOM link each month go to: 

I have also been a bellydance instructor for 15 years with a performing troupe called “Spirit In Motion” … now isn’t that appropriate!... 


As a professional artist for more than 45 years, I specialize in pet portraits in pastel on commission. To see my portrait creations and for ordering info go to:


Author of

"The Mystic RUNES,

A Portal to Secret Wisdom and Heightened Awareness"

"The Mystic RUNES

Beautifully Illustrated 25-Card Deck and Guidebook"


“Interpreting the Tarot"


feel free to e-mail me with any questions

t[email protected]