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Tarot with Runes Combined 

The Tarot Cards and Runes combined together in a consultation on ZOOM offers insightful guidance toward personal growth and understanding as I assist you in working through your life circumstances.

Classes in learning to read the Tarot and the Runes are my passion to share and teach!

Two separate tools that offer personal paths toward enlightenment, both meant to uplift and enlighten in very powerful ways!




Aura Imaging

What color is your aura?! Explore the fascinating imagery of Aura Imaging. My innovative System reveals the colors in your energy field as metaphysics are combined with science and technology. What do your colors mean? And how can you be guided toward exploration of the self. 


Spiritual Classes and Workshops

Offering a variety of classes in Spiritual based experience, I am excited and delighted to share all that I have in me to uplift, enlighten, and assist others on their journey of ascension while here in the physical.


Reiki Master Teacher

In working with energy I do not claim to heal, but instead am a conduit for the Universal Life Force Energy of love and light to flow through me.

Reiki Master Teacher

Crystal Therapist

Shama Soma Practitioner

Ordained as a Spiritualist Minister, also a Minister through the Universal Life Church.

Founder and President of Cycles of Spirit, established in 2010.

questions? e-mail me at:

[email protected]